Thursday, February 6, 2014

Looking Forward

Today I am looking forward to having a burrito at one of my favorite places in the Mission. When I used to live in San Francisco, I would walk over to this Taqueria from my house. It's kind of a strange venue; it's tiny and its right next to a fish market and a Mexican shopping center. But the burritos are just as good as I remember! From work, it's only about an 8 minute BART ride to get there, so its a fun lunch time field trip!

This week I am looking forward to the rain (we need it!!), a great long run on Saturday (hopefully with no rain) and the Sour Beer festival on Sunday. Its the SF Beer Week and although I do not attend all the events, it's fun to attend a couple. You get to try a lot of different types of beer at once, and there are many varieties that the brewers bring that aren't normally available to the public. Plus, you get to see a butt load of beards!

This month I am looking forward to going to visiting Lisa. We have tentative plans for much hiking, hopefully lots of hot chocolate and gabbing and reading and fun! I have never been to NC, except to fly though the airport (which has rocking chairs), so this will be a fun adventure for me. I am also looking forward to the Way Too Cool 50k, as well as a tentative plan to see one of my good friends the first weekend of March for some food and catch up time with her.

This year I am looking forward to the Boston Marathon, a trip to the Grand Canyon, a probable trip to Oregon this summer, lots of running, my first 100k race, a hopeful trip somewhere foreign (as of yet TBD), lots of reading and a super great summer (with two trips to Tahoe planned so far) with lots of swimming and outdoor activities!

What are you looking forward to? How's the weather where you are?