Friday, January 31, 2014

Currently: January

I thought I would squeak this one in just before the month ended... This week was going to feature a post about hiking, one about life in general, a continuation of last week's road trip and/or a straggling "best of" post that has been waiting for over a month to get posted. But instead, you get this.

Current Book - Fall of the Giants by Ken Follet: I am about half way through and am liking it so far. It's a good story while still teaching me a lot about WWI. I am also listening to an audiobook: A Beautiful Blue Death. 

Current Running Path - 

Current Drink -Vanilla Bean Black Tea 

Current Excitement - Weekends! They are filling up fast, but there are so many fun things to do. I have a trip planned to see Lisa, an SF Beer Week weekend, a couple of big race weekends, and a trip to the Grand Canyon!  

Current Fashion Trend - Patterned tights. They are everywhere, and are normally paired with tiny shorts.


Current Favorite Blog/Website - I have been trying to catch up with some current events, so have been spending some time on sites like NPR and BBC World.

 Current Garden Item - Lemons and Camellias  

Current Love - Audio books! I get so much more "reading" done with them, since I can read them while running and/or going to the gym. And you can borrow them from the library! Double score.  

Current Food -White Bean soup made with homemade turkey stock 

Current Indulgence - 


Currently Pondering - What to do with my itchy feet...I am really feeling the need to do some traveling!

Current Mood - Overwhelmed 

Current New Find - My library has a site where you can download music, it's called Freegal. You can download 3 songs per week or stream up to 3 hours a day. The library also has a site for learning languages, finding new book suggestions and reading magazines and newspapers online. As you know, I am a huge fan of the library! 

Current Outfit - Lately I've been hanging out a lot in hoodie and jeans. 

Current Peeve - sparkly iPhone cases, bicyclists who ride on the sidewalk, people who put their backpack on the only empty seat on the bus
Current Song - 

Current Triumph - I am ready to do my taxes. Mind you, I have not FINISHED, but I am ready to start, and that is triumph enough!  

Current TV Show -  Cash Cab, BBC World News 

Current Wish-List - A round the world trip. Seriously. Like I said, itchy feet.  

Currently Delaying - buying my ticket to Boston. I am still waiting for prices to go down / waiting to firm up dates..

What are you watching these days? Do you have any fun trips planned this year?